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New york & Chewing Gum - New York ve Sakız, 2004

Artist name: Şinasi Güneş
Title: New york & Chewing gum
Time: 04:29
Media: Video-Art
Format: DVD Pal
Music: Kruder&Dorfmeister
Year: 2004

This video criticizes the conscience of environment of people who are living in New York.

Chewing gums on the ground of New York subway reflect the vanishing of modernism.Digital video is consist of only one and zero numbers or darkness and brightness.In other mean, digital images are formed all and nothing.The zero numbers
are drew around the chewin gums symbolize the annihilation of modernism.

Sanatçı İsmi: Şinasi Güneş
Yapıt İsmi: New york & Sakız
Süre: 04:29
Türü: Video-Art
Format: Dvd Pal
Müzik: Kruder&Dorfmeister
Yıl: 2004

Bu video  New york’ta yaşayan insanların çevre bilincini kritize ediyor.

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